Visual and verbal identity

Since the mid-1980s, Mark created visual and verbal identities for over 250 start-ups and designed presentation materials and systems for numerous multinational and governmental organisations.

One example of his work was the name change of my client Cadcentre to AVEVA plc – a new visual and verbal system to manage their 60+ global offices and creative teams. AVEVA is currently Britain's largest software group.

His most recent identity system is for HUGO – an exciting new independent publishing house set to launch in Europe and North America in 2024.

The Cambridge Phenomenon

Undertaken in 1985. Mark was two years into his business, 31 years old and armed with a drawing board, Rotring pens and Pantone markers. Cambridge (UK) was beginning to change. There was recognition that something special was happening regarding Cambridge University spawning and frequently supporting innovative, ‘hi-technology’, spin-offs. There was the then-recent ‘Cambridge Science Park’, but there were also some previously established businesses, such as Pye Telecom, Ciba-Geigy (derived from Aero Research), Cambridge Instruments (established 1881), Acoustical Manufacturing Company, Tube Investments, Cadcentre, Neve Electronics, Cambridge Computer Services, and others. The main ‘push’ appears to have emanated from the various arms of Cambridge University and the Medical Research Council.

Segal, Quince Wicksteed (SQW) researched, authored and published this seminal publication, ‘The Cambridge Phenomenon’. The central graphical representation became the book jacket and a large pullout poster/‘family tree’. Mark designed the diagram to show what connected these hi-tech organisations, the dimension of time, and how these lines of commercial activity continued to break out and multiply.

The illustration is a small segment of the original 1985 diagram, since digitised. The original diagram was layered in film and wax-applied typesetting, an article of art in its own (now technically obsolete) way.

Cambridge hi-tech Phenomenon

A segment of the diagram.
Client: Segal Quince Wicksteed | 1985

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